Digital Imaging
This selection includes my
narrative digital imaging,
story telling pictures that
you might find engaging.
(Includes some nudes, please be at least 18.)
Ascension of the rose
Doorway to Perception

These images were created using only my own photographs as sources
(rarely if ever using stock content.)
Cherish the Earth
            Rose of the Self coaxing Rose to see Self                     ...                      Rose turns to see Self
The constant change from the overseered Self  being unable to see the true Self;
to the Self  free of the overseer turning and seeing its true Self
On the Brink of New Awareness
It is a moment of courage to step off into the seeming abyss...into an unknown new reality.
Granting Prospero's Wish

From time to time,
new images
will be presented
on these pages....