Various Still Life Photography
Most of these images were
set up using natural or avail-
able light, on a counter or a
table near the patio door... 
Preparing for Pie

Pommes et Pommes de Terre

A still life ought to create a lasting impression of the inherent  subjective beauty found in the world around...capturing, one hopes, the essence of whatever is presented. And of course light is really the definer of all that...

Garden Herbs...
just brought in, set on the counter...
the sunlight did the rest.

Tropical Trio
The blue-green leaves of the pineapple
and the reds of the pomegranate looked
so rich, I used another variant of this composition as a holiday card.
Some from Farmer's Market, Some from the Yard
Watermelon Radish
This photo has become a favorite of friends who visit. It was set up on the edge of the dining table using enhanced natural light.