Masks in Three Categories
Someone once asked
how many masks I had made.
I tried estimating...

I think I've made more than
a thousand...maybe.

I think I've made more than 1000
This page is a selection of an eclectic variety of masks made, 1984-1994.
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Oberon, for Daniel, 1985
Early piece, using life face casting with plaster bandage positive from a plaster-of-paris negative mold. Many of the masks shown here use this technique. 
Aphrodite (left) and Artemis, designed for Hippolytus by Euripides, Chicago, 1987. Photos by Nancy Thill.
An example of my masks for theatre. More can be seen under the drop down menu for Theatre Masks.
Lord of the Sand
The Ambassador returns from the Pleiades, (left) and Earth Goddess, for Nancy.
Fire, Earth, Air
Druid, for Don, 1985

This piece, and the one below it, are two of my favorite face casting pieces, both made as tributes to friends, 
Don and Hussein, Summer 1985
Shore of the Moon, for Hussein, 1985
Primary God
Mary Hiebel-Oswald
This is a tribute to my Grandmother, my father's mother. In casting the face of a friend, I realized the mask cast resembled my Grandmother in a photo taken when she was young.
The hat piece was designed after the picture, but the lace overlay represented her venerable age, for I only knew her as an older woman. The pearl is a mole she had on her chin.
When I was a child, my Grandmother read to me, in a slow cadenced voice, all the classic fairy tales. I attribute my creative fantasies to those vivid images.
Christmas Adam, 1984 — I never did get around to making... (wait for it)... a Christmas Eve.
Crystal Warrior, (left) and Carnival Goddess, 1987
Two examples of "inner portrait" masks which I was attempting at the time. These two people were a couple...
Sunset Boulevard, for Paty, 1985
Leo, 1988
Startled Faun, 1986 — Mask Photo, Nancy Thill
Cherubim, 1989 — this one won top prize at a Chicago mask festival and benefit.
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