My Book: Contemplations of the Heart
A Book of Male Spirit
Photography, Digital Imaging and Text

This page contains non-erotic male nude art; please be at least 18 years old.
In this book you will discover transformational, spirit-centered male nude photography, some digital imaging, and poetic museings by myself. It is specifically about Gay male self image, Gay Spirituality, and the sharing of our gifts with the larger culture from which we spring. (It has also been found helpful to many Straight men.)

The book — full color, with some black and white images — was published more than eight years ago now, in 2005, hard cover with 96 pages, 5-3/4" x 8-1/4"  overall. The book did not do as well as I had hoped, because, I find, it had a very small audience within a small audience. Besides, the term Gay Spirituality, which I maintain is a very certain perspective, does not sit well with many Gay men who insist Spirituality is universal and should not be devisive. In the main I agree, yet I also maintain that there is a point of view that comes specifically with being Gay and if one reads the book perhaps that idea would be clear.

In any case, I am no longer selling this book. Currently, I still have about 200 books. If you want one, let me know and I will send it to you, if you will be kind enough to send me a check for $3 shipping and handling for each book. Individual books will be new and signed.

If you belong to or know of a Gay men's group that would benefit by having copies of this book to give to their participants or to use in some way as a fund raising tool, please let me now and I will be happy to send a box of 40, until they run out, and if used this way, I will pay for shipping. 

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Within every body is a sacred heart.


A wonderful, original, and truly inspiring book of images and text. It feeds our souls and nourishes our hearts. It's a blessing to have such rich creativity and abundant Gay Spirit in our lives. This is one book our community needs right now.

– Authors Mark Thompson and

Malcolm Boyd

This book is beautiful and needed! The introduction says it all. It is about time that we honored the body as temple and Grahame's book surely helps in doing that.  
– Matthew Fox
The important thing–what men have most admired about this book–is that it presents men of all ages,  sizes, shapes and colors; dream-like but not highly objectified or overly eroticized, and without the emphasis on impossible "youth and beauty."

There are more than 80 images in the book. See sample images in slide show at left.

(Please be at least 18 years of age to view this page.)

Sample of writing:

A very great teacher said, essentially:

If I can understand and pay attention

to being alive, alive in every way,

without judgement, without greed, without

anger and ambition; without

sorrow, despair,

fear, and a sense of loss...

only then can I know Love as my true source;   

only then can I light the way for myself;   

and only then can I be of true service

to others.


During a visit to Albuquerque, my partner Gary and I walked through Peter's studio and were stunned by the beauty of the male images he had created. Now these sensual and deeply moving photos, with equally inspiring captions, are available in Contemplations of the Heart. Turn the pages slowly. Look carefully at each naked body. Read and re-read the words of wisdom. Let your mind wander and hear Spirit speak. Do not be surprised if your own wounded heart is healed, and your own tired spirit is revived and renewed in the process. – Mel White

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